Hex Head Cap Screws-Standard & Metric

-Gr.2, Gr.5, Gr.8, 304 & 316 SS
-Gr.8.8, Gr.10.9, A2 & A4 SS

Flange Screws

-Grade 5 Hex Hd Serrated Flange Screw, Zinc
-Grade 8 Indented Hex Flange Screw Black Phos. & Oil
-Metric Class 8.8 & 10.9 Hex Flange Bolt Din 6921

Hex Machine Bolts

-A307 Plain
-A307 Galvanized

Timber Bolts

-Hot Dipped Galvanized

Socket Products-Standard & Metric

-Socket Head Cap Screws-Alloy, Gr.12.9 & 18-8 SS
-Flat Head Cap Screws-Alloy, Gr.10.9 & 18-8 SS
-Button Head Cap Screws-Alloy, Gr.10.9 & 18-8 SS
-Socket Set Screws-Alloy, Gr.12.9 & 18-8 SS

Machine Screws-Standard & Metric

-Phillips Pan-Zinc Plated & 18-8 SS
-Phillips Flat-Zinc Plated & 18-8 SS
-Phillips Oval-Zinc Plated & 18-8 SS
-Phillips Truss-Zinc Plated & 18-8 SS
-Slot Round-Zinc Plated & 18-8 SS
-Combo Pan-Zinc Plated

Construction Anchors

-Mechanical Anchors
-Wedge Anchors-Zinc Plated, 304 & 316SS & Mech Galv.
-Drop in Anchor-Zinc Plated & 304 SS
-Sleeve Anchor-Zinc Plated & 304 SS

Epoxy & Acrylic Anchor Systems
Chain & Fittings-Gr.43, Gr.70, Gr.80, Galv & SS
Plow Bolts-Gr.5 & Gr.8
Tap Bolts-Zinc Plated, Stainless Steel
Strut & hardware

-Mil Galvanized, Stainless Steel & Hot Dipped Galv.

Forged Hardware

-Plain & Galvanized
-Eye Bolts
-Eye Nuts

Thread Inserts-Standard & Metric
Electrical Terminals
Hair Pin Cotter
Dowell Pins

-Zinc Plated & Stainless Steel

Spring Pins
Cotter Pins
Hanger Bolts

Construction Screw

-Hex Head Self Drilling (w/neo washer & w/o, Zinc Plated & 410 SS
-Pan Head Self Drilling-Zinc Plated
-Wafer Head (K-Lath) Self Drilling-Zinc Plated -Wafer Head (K-Lath) w/wings-Zinc Plated
-Flat Phil Winged Reamer
-Torx Floor Board Screws
-Torx Composite Screws
-Drywall Screws-Dacro & Sharp Point Black -Drywall Screws-Self Drilling-Zinc Plated
-AZQ Screws-Brown & Green
-Trim Head Square Drive-Sharp Point Black -Trim Head Self Drilling-Black & Zinc
-Trim Screw-302 Stainless Steel
-Framing “S”
-Stitch Screw (w/neo washer-one piece flange head) -Hex Washer Head-Self Piercing
-Tek 5-410 Stainless Steel
-Deck Screw-Torx® & Square Drive-Stainless Steel-Concrete Screws-Hex Washer Head, Phillips Flat Head -Tek 5 Hex Washer Head Steel


Steel-USS, SAE, Zinc & Hot Dipped Galvanized -A325-Plain & Galvanized
-Gr.8- USS & SAE
-18-8 SS & 316 SS
-Dock Washer-Round & Square-Galvanized
-Beveled (Hillside), Bellville-Plain & Galvanized -Finish Washer-18-8 Stainless Steel
-Neoprene Bonded-Galvanized & Stainless Steel -Internal Tooth Lock Washer-Zinc Plated & Stainless Steel -External Tooth Lock Washer-Zinc Plated & Stainless Steel

Washers-Lock-Regular & High Collar -Spring Steel, High Alloy

-Zinc Plated, Stainless Steel & Galvanized


-Automation Style (Stover)-Gr. C & Gr. G
-Nylon Insert (NM/NE)-Steel & 18-8 Stainless Steel -Jam Nylon Insert (NTM/NTE)-Steel & 18-8 SS -Top Lock-Galvanized
-Serrated Flange-Zinc Plated


-Finished Hex Nut-Gr. 2, Gr. 5 & Gr. 8
-Heavy Hex Nut-Gr.A,2H & DH-Galvanized & Plain-Gr.C Gr. C3-Plain (Also available A194 Gr. 4, Gr. 7 & Gr. 8)

Drill Bits

-High Speed Steel (135º Split Point), Cobalt -Auger

Carriage Bolts

-Zinc Plated
-Hot Dipped Galvanized
-18-8 Stainless Steel

Heavy Hex Bolts

-A325 Type 1 & Type 3
-A325 Hot Dipped Galvanized
-A193 B7
-A193 B8

Hex Head Lag Bolts

-Zinc Plated
-Hot Dipped Galvanized
-18-8 Stainless Steel

“L” Anchors

-Custom manufactured Anchor Rods
-A307 Plain
-A307 Hot Dipped Galvanized

Weld Studs

-Sheer Connectors


-Zinc Plated
-Hot Dipped Galvanized
-Stainless Steel

All Thread Rods

-Zinc Plated
-304 SS
-316 SS
-A193 B7, B16 Available
– ASTM F 1554 Gr 36,55 & 105
– ASTM A449
-Left Hand
-Williams 75 & grade 80 All Thread Reabar

Tie Back Rods

-Hot Dipped Galvanized
-Wing Nuts-Zinc Plated & Stainless Steel -Coupling Nuts-Zinc Plated, 18-8 Stainless Steel & Galvanized
-Acorn Nuts-Zinc Plated & 18-8 Stainless Steel -Tee Nuts, Kep Nuts, Square Nuts-Zinc Plated 18-8 Stainless Steel
-ACME Thread
-Left Hand Nuts

Hole Saws-(M.K. Morse)

-Various Types Saw/Saw Blades
-Metal Devil Circular Saw Blades
-Portable Band Saw Blades

Pop Rivets

-Stainless Steel
-Copper, Brown & White

Sex Bolts

-Stainless Steel

Brand Name Products:

-Simpson Strong Tie
-Metabo Power Tools & Abrasives
-C. S. Unitec-Mag Base Drills & Broach Cutters -Permatex Chemicals & ND Industries-Vibra-Tite -Evapo-Rust
-Bessey Clamps
-Eklind Tools
-General Tool
-Kano Laboratories- Kroil products
-Seaco Industries-Rope